About Us

 We are here to serve and give upcoming/uprising creative talents: actors, writers, models, entertainers and those interested in working in the entertainment world the opportunity to showcase their talents. Have you ever been on the search for a productions company that stays on its feet 24/7 in order to provide your needs in the entertainment industry? If so, ADK Media Productions is the place to be. We are here to satisfy the unsatisfied souls by providing great contents such as books, movies, films, YouTube series, photographing and etc. 

Our vision & Mission

Our vision:

 To be recognized as the one-stop media solution firm with world-class entertainment services. 


 To consistently provide our clients with top-notch media entertainment contents thereby making us the premier industry leader for upcoming entertainers. 

Core values


 We implement new strategies and build new packages that suit your desire. 


 We thoroughly evaluate your business and assess your target audience so as to discover the appropriate content that fits in